Monthly Archives: January 2015

Bye goose!

Madelyn and I went by the cemetery to change out Carter’s flowers today after school. I like to change his flowers with the seasons and the holidays, so we had to switch from the Christmas flowers to the Valentine’s flowers. Once baseball season starts, we will switch over to the royal blue flowers because I’m certain that gives our KC Royals good luck.

The cemetery where Carter is buried has an area that is for all the little Angels that have died. It’s situated right next to a pond. That sounds beautiful, right?! Well, not right now. Right now there are what seem like hundreds (yes, that’s an exaggeration) of geese waddling around this area. You know what that means?! Lots of goose poop!!! It’s pretty gross and you have to be quite alert as you walk through the grass to get to his spot as to not have poop all over your shoes.

Madelyn was quite intrigued with all the “ducks” today. When we arrived at the cemetery, she walked along saying “hi, hi, hi” to each of the geese. Each time we visit Carter, I try to explain to her that he is her big brother just as I do any time she becomes interested in his pictures at home. Of course, she looks at me like I’m crazy (those of you that know Madelyn know the look). As we left, she exclaimed, “bye goose!” I wonder at what point it will make sense to her that she had an older brother. At what point will she realize and understand that we go to the pond to visit Carter and not the geese? I’m sure I need to give up hope for it to happen at any point in the near future, but I hope that one day she understands.