New Milestones

I can’t believe in less than a week, Madelyn is going to be five months old. This also means it is time for me to rejoin the workforce. I was very lucky to have been able to be home with her for so long, but starting tomorrow I’ll be headed back to work. 😦

20130728-233938.jpgThe past couple weeks have been filled with a few different milestones for us. Up until just a week or so ago, we have been able to compare many things Madelyn has done with Carter. Her demeanor, her sleep habits, her hair, and her appetite are all similar to her brother. She, however, while chill and happy most of the time, is MUCH moodier than her brother and has become way more attached to momma than Carter ever was (I blame this partially on the fact that I’ve been home with her for so long…and probably have held her more than is necessary). All I think Jeff and I both wanted to do is to be able to make it past Carter’s “dates”. Now that we have passed those, I feel a little more relaxed (although not completely). I’m not naive to the fact that SIDS can strike more than once in a family and I know we are not out of the woods yet. Now, we look to make it to five months, then six and so on.


She’s gotten herself in a pickle on more than one occasion!!

Madelyn is becoming more and more fun every day. I remember Carter was just beginning to get a lot more personality when he died, so it’s so fun to experience that with her. Just this past Monday, Madelyn rolled over for the first time. That’s not something Carter ever did, so you can imagine our excitement to reach that step! It’s so funny how once they figure it out once, it’s like they’ve been doing it for months. Every time we put her on the floor, she’s on her tummy within seconds. It’s so wonderful. When she hits five months, we get to start feeding her rice cereal which is also something we didn’t get to do with Carter. Although we aren’t first time parents, we are first time parents to a 4.5+ month old child, so the weeks and months ahead will hold many new experiences for us. It’s very exciting and a little scary!

20130728-234330.jpgAs I mentioned before, I will be going back to work this week (as a high school counselor). While I’m excited to get into a “working mom” routine, I’m terribly anxious about leaving my sweet girl all day. She will be in GREAT hands and I know she will be fine, but I just know it will be difficult to be away from her for more than just a few hours. I know after a few days or so I’ll be less anxious, so we just have to get past them! I just have this fear of her being “bad” (i.e. crying) all day long while I’m at work. Again, I know we will both be fine and once we get into our routine things will be great.  🙂  Here’s to the next five months and to all the fun, new experiences we will get to have with our sweet girl.  🙂



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